Virtual Ateliers

Every Monday evening in October from 20:00-22:00 CEST 

Are you interested in EU Policy? In small groups of 8 we will gather every Monday night of October to discuss a specific theme that’s crucial for the future of Europe. The goal is to present our findings to EU policy makers and the world during the closing event on 30 October.

Participation in all four sessions of the theme of your choice is obligatory. Places are limited. Registrations close 1 October.

Humanism vs. Nationalism in Europe

Nationalism is on the rise in many countries across Europe. This might pose a threat to humanist values because we believe that every person should be equal and should be treated with dignity and care, regardless of where they were born or who they are. In this atelier, we will examine which frustrations are at the root of this nationalist upsurge and formulate a humanist counter-narrative on how to deal with them. 

Participants will look at the phenomenon from different angles, with the help of experts. The aim is to create a manifesto that will be presented at the Closing Event on 30 October.

Humanism vs Nationalism in Europe

Gender Policy in the EU

Gender equality is an important issue for every humanist. In Europe, too, there is still plenty of work to do. Each member state takes an induvial approach. So how do we work on a European policy? Under the guidance of experts, we’ll take a look at the current European gender policy and conceive a policy for the future. What should this policy look like and how should Europe deal with the issue?


Perhaps the answer to the above questions will be found in this atelier. The political policy advice will be presented at the Closing Event on 30 October and presented to European lawmakers in the form of a manifesto, dossier or article. 

Gender Policy in the EU

Climate Refugees in the EU

Climate change is causing more and more people to flee the places they live in, many of them in the direction of the EU. In this atelier, we will debate the way Europe should deal with this issue in a humanistic way and work on a possible European policy. 


Participants are professionally guided by experts during the creation of a manifesto. This political policy advice will then be presented at the Closing Event on 30 October.

Climate Refugees in the EU